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503Re: Tale of Two Cities & a Train

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  • Harry A Marnell
    Jun 8, 2006
      John Foster wrote:
      > Andrew,
      > I found one of the books, Birth Of California Narrow Gauge.
      > I had seen A Tail Of Two Cities on the net just the other day at a
      > very good price and for the life of me, I now can't find it. Isn't
      > that how it goes some times,LOL. Some books are very hard to come by
      > and when you do find them plan on shelling out the big bucks. In any
      > case I will keep looking and maybe I will get lucky,LOL.

      Juanita Kennedy Browne's "Tale" is an excellent 200+ page book. Its
      ISBN is 0915641011, and you can put that number in google and it will
      get you...
      http://tinyurl.com/foz5x or else http://301url.com/Taleof2Cities

      Also, http://used.addall.com links a terrific group of independent
      booksellers. At the moment they have 47 copies, at prices running from
      $33 to $147. Wow. See

      And Amazon's listings, which may duplicate a couple of addall's, are at