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499Re: Bucker Snowplow

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  • Andrew Brandon
    Jun 8, 2006
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      I'm at work at the moment so I try and do this from memory.
      There is a photo of the plow in Best's book but it doesn't show the entire
      plow. I believe there are some pictures of the plow out there that just
      haven't been published.
      The wheels added to the deck did not have axles.


      On 6/8/06, John Foster <shayboiler@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I am hoping someone can assist me in a bit of info on the NCNG Bucker
      > Snowplow, all I know of it is what I have from a drawing out of Finescal
      > Railroader.
      > I have built several of the plows now in 1.20.3 scale going by the
      > drawing and have started one in On3.
      > For my first question, does anyone know if there is an exsisting photo
      > of the plow ? and it was said that for ballast, eight wheels wer added
      > on th deck.
      > Second question, were these wheels without there axels?
      > Thanks, Regards John.

      -=Andrew Brandon=-

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