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432Bodie & Benton was NCNG Topo

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  • Randy Hees
    Nov 3 8:36 AM
      There is quite a bit out there on the B&B if you are willing to look.

      In addition to Billeb's book there are chapters on the line in Myrik's
      Railroads of Nevada & Eastern California and in Turner's Narrow Gauge
      Nostalgia, (now reprinted as California High Country Narrow Gauge.) One
      warning, don't trust the loco rosters in Turner's book, they are way
      off, but the loco roster in Myrik's is pretty good.

      There have recently been plans for some of the locos published in the
      Gazette, and there was a presentation on the line at last years V&T
      symposium. That presentation was particularly ground breaking,
      including information I had never seen on the logging side (two branches
      South of Mono Mills) and on a switch back branch in Bodie, running above
      the Standard Mill.

      I have also found information in various Poor's reports, particularly
      lists of cars (they had some Russell log cars)

      Randy Hees

      Joe & Jo Ellen Raymaker wrote:

      >You have given us all a very valuable reference, and I thank you. What
      >caught my interest, and didn't open when I "clicked" on it, was the "ewntire
      >system" map of the Bodie Railway and Lumber Company. Not much out there at
      >all on that particular RR., mostly in Billeb's book.
      >thanks, againa. JR
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