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379An introduction and some questions

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  • Randy Brown
    Jun 30, 2005
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      Hi all,
      Name's Randy Brown.

      I have been model railroading since 1964.

      I have owned two hobby shops through the years and now own and
      operate Arrowhead Scale Models (Narrow Gauge Gazette has been kind
      enough to review my O Scale "Eagle Talon" gas station (in their
      current issue).

      In the early '70's I had the privilege of hanging around The Little
      Depot, near Anaheim, CA., which was a Mecca of narrow gauge nuts like
      Paul Scoles and Lonnie Shay.

      I became hooked on NG and have never recovered.

      I have modeled in Z, N, HO and most narrow gauge scales except G.

      After seeing the YSL moduler layout at last year's NG convention, I
      finally decided to start an On30 home layout.

      I've always liked the RGS but I don't wish to model, what so many
      have (I do have most of the books on the subject though).
      I also like the SPNG and currently live about 3 miles from the "Jaw
      Bone Branch" (which was the standard gauge connection to the south).
      I like the SP equipment, but the scenery and operations (or lack of)
      don't make it (for me).
      I like to model trees and lots of them.

      A good friend suggested I look into the NCNG.
      I really like the country up there and will read some of the
      suggested books on the subject.

      I think I would model it as a "what if" railroad.
      One that weathered the lack of business during the war and made it
      into the fifties.
      Perhaps inherited some more of the SPNG equipment and maybe some from
      the D&RGW and RGS??

      Some preliminary questions I have are:
      * What size rail was primarily used on the NCNG?
      * How many miles of mainline did they build?
      * Do either of the books "NCNG" or "Tale of ..." have maps of the
      * When did the nice herald with the track between the trees come into

      BTW: Would there be any interest in my producing NCNG structures and
      And if so, am I permitted to make announcements of my new products on
      this forum??

      Thanks for a great group,

      Randy Brown
      Arrowhead Scale Models
      P.O. Box 53
      Randsburg, CA. 93554
      (Yes, I live about 75 yards from the Randsburg Barber Shop that Paper
      Creek based their model on.....)
      Please, check out my E-Bay Store at:
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