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339Re: Colfax

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  • John Teall
    Oct 7, 2004
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      --- Peter M Grace <peter.grace@...> wrote:

      > Coming down Donner Pass the other week, we got the
      > chance to stop in Colfax.
      > Did not get to drive out along where the line went
      > in the old days, but did
      > get the worlds largest ice cream in the Colfax
      > depot!
      > Maybe next time we are that way, someone could show
      > us around a little.
      > Pete
      ice cream? i have GOT to get up that way again

      i cannot tell you the hours i sat at that back desk in
      the office visiting with my dad (shorty teall) when he
      was 'telegrapher' there.
      (there was at that time blueprint maps going back to
      the very earliest ones of the yard there in colfax,
      even showing the narrow gauge, in the top middle
      drawer. and the right hand lower side drawer was
      filled with Bill Harges manufacturer's opperator's
      manuals for just about every type of deisel unit
      commonly used on the hill, emd's alco's and even the
      kraus maffie's)

      many happy memories in that place.
      (i often wonder what became of all that stuff, i hope
      at least some of it ended up in some musium somewhere
      and not just rotted, burned or otherwise lost and


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