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335Re: Railroad Spur

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    Oct 5, 2004
      In a message dated 10/4/2004 6:59:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      marie2119@... writes:
      Hi All,

      Yeah, there were spur tracks in the Chicago Park area, the picnic
      grounds, and the Mohawk lumber mill. I don't know if they are any others.

      I didn't have any data on a spur at the picnic grounds, was this prior to
      1912? I would be very interested in the source of this data. There was a siding
      at the old picnic grounds at Storm's ranch that became the Colmans siding,
      located between Lakewood Rd and Metz Ranch Rd. The California Railroad Commission
      maps for the line are very detailed and show no siding at the new picnic
      grounds. As far as the maps show there is nothing north of the Mohawk Lumber spur
      until you get to the turntable that was located about 50' south of Maple Rd.
      Again the closest to Talking Pines Rd would be the Mohawk Lumber spur that
      diverged from the main line just south of Lakewood Rd at about a 30 degree angle,
      running off to the northwest for 580 ft.
      Best regards,
      Greg Maxwell

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