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318Narrow Gauge Rd - Colfax

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  • Pat Rylance
    Aug 10, 2004
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      To click here:
      regarding photos in the files of this group, please note the 2nd & 3rd
      photos on this link. The 2nd photo shows the NCNG train on what is
      now our road just past where the Colfax Overhead is now. The 3rd
      photo shows the engine on a spur below where our road is at
      now....looks like it is at Oilville. To see these photos, I hope you
      will understand why my concerns about keeping the crossing open and
      including the Narrow Gauge RR Museum group in anything Colfax has in
      mind as a main RR museum.

      I tried to copy these two photos to show the council tonight but am
      unable to copy them..........grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!