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308Re: NCNGRR Book Ideas

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  • markiecook1947
    Jun 16, 2004
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      May I suggest interviewing past employees? Tough to find, but I'm
      sure there are a few left out there. I have a video of the Yosemite
      Valley Railroad that includes several ex employees telling highly
      interesting and very humorous stories of the road's operations that
      one would rarely find in a "fact and date" type book. I have
      hundreds of volumes of SP related publications, but ex employee Dick
      Murdoch's little books give life to the history.
      Also, one could interview local people who rode the train in their
      youth. I have modeled the Sacramento Northern for years, and only
      this last Sunday discovered that my 89 year old mother had ridden it
      from Sacramento to Colusa several times as a kid. Once her memory
      was triggered, she was a wealth of anecdotal information.
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