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302Re: NCNGRR Book Ideas

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  • MJ
    May 27, 2004
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      I've researched the history of the four tank cars that went from the NCNGRR to
      the WP&YR in 1942. If you would like to use this information in your book,
      contact me off list.


      > Hi Group,
      > I am taking on a huge but fun project, I am going to write a book about
      > the Narrow Gauge and I have been thinking about some ideas that I can
      > discuss in my book. There will be of course the history of the railroad
      > but, the main emphasis of the book will be the then and now - and a
      > discussion about the TMD, the museum, and Engine No. 5. I also am friends
      > with Tim O'Brien who will help me illustrate it, and offer me advice
      > also. I am writing to the whole group to see what ideas that you can help
      > me with. The ideas that I get from the group, Tim, and the ideas that I
      > have will help me to write my book.
      > Thanks,
      > Marie
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