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290Fwd: [wslc] Narrow Gauge Survivor List

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  • eabracher@aol.com
    Apr 26, 2004
      any one out there interested in this project? Maybe buy it and donate it
      for a tax write off.


      In a message dated 4/25/04 11:46:47 PM, hnmjcorbett@... writes:

      > (2)  Bunk Flat #11, Mall Display, Santa Barbara.
      > This WAS a West Side Lumber Car.  It once was the basis for a camp car that
      > long survived the demise of the West Side Lumber Co., only to be cut down to
      > a flat by the short lived and ill fated (and long closed) West Side & Cherry
      > Valley tourist operation.  I just returned (4/25/04) from the West Side
      > Reunion Convention in Sonora, California.  A man from Santa Barbara was
      > there, trying to find a buyer for the car.  It had been displayed on the
      > Santa Barbara wharf, which projects some distance into the bay there which,
      > in turn, is the Pacific Ocean.  It was an open air display and definitely
      > NOT a mall display.  However, the City of Santa Barbara is repairing the
      > wharf and wants to destroy the car, which has been stored in 3 pieces (the
      > two trucks and the body) in a City of Santa Barbara Corporation Yard.  This
      > is also in the open air and unprotected.  This man, who is a private citizen
      > from Santa Barbara who had a major role in moving the car to its former site
      > on the wharf some years ago, who would like to find someone who can save the
      > car and provide protected storage for it.  He had photos with him that
      > showed the car in a corner of the Corporation Yard.

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