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288Alton & Pacific fading fast - whither (wither?) the 2 locos?

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  • Harry Marnell
    Mar 20, 2004
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      We made a quick drive-by of the former Alton & Pacific Steam Railroad
      site on Hwy 26 near Fortuna this afternoon (Sat 3/20). There seemes to
      be a fairly serious "clean-up" in progress there.

      Both the Divco Milk Truck and the other truck or trailer that Frank
      Bayliss has used as mobile "billboards' have vanished since February.
      The old station building's door has been either opened or broken out,
      and from the road the building appears to have been gutted.

      The shed that was still housing the two locomotives as of two years ago
      appears to be intact, though I had not way of telling if the locos are
      still in there - the 1930s Orenstein & Koppel "5 spot" and c1900 0-6-0t
      "John Fowler" from Fiji. The bulkhead from NWP coach 79 is still
      sitting in the open, but it appears they are dismantling or razing most

      Perhaps the purchaser, John Spice, is or has been around to get this
      stuff done - don't know what his plans might be for the two locomotives.
      If there's anyone in the area with the interest/inclination to try to
      see what's going on, it might best be tried sooner rather than later.
      While nobody was seen on the property this afternoon, it might be that
      the remaining "A&P' equipment is about to vanish completely.

      Harry Marnell

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