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281Re: NCNG locomotives and plans

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  • Andrew Brandon
    Feb 25, 2004
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      I agree with you wholeheartedly.
      I should have made it a point in my original email not to pass that
      information off as a fact, which was my mistake.
      It is only a foot between opinions and in the model making world, a foot
      difference isn't too bad either way.
      My hat goes off to Bruce for his research for the book, I could not put it
      down when I first got it.


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      > <<Greg,
      > The note about the cars being 25' long came from a dimensional scaling of
      > the actual cars as built by Herman Darr.
      > It may not be correct, but personally I haven't measured for myself.
      > Apparently Herman concluded that they were originally 25' before the book
      > came out (through measurement) but it fell on deaf ears.
      > I suppose the best way to check would be to do some measurements on our
      > to check.
      > -Andrew->>
      > Andrew,
      > As you are aware you nor I nor Herman or anybody else can measure these
      > as none of these cars have existed "as built" for probably a 100 years. As
      > as I know the data Herman and Bruce used was scaled from photos and that
      > is not an exact science. Herman is very good but Herman himself will tell
      > that the NCNG replica caboose at the museum, built to dimensions supplied
      > him is at least a foot too long. I know for a fact that Herman's drawing
      > the E&P stock car is a foot or so too long when compared to the stock car
      > found (and measured) near Union Pass in Eureka County. Herman may be right
      > about this I don't know. I know that Bruce was meticulous in his research
      and he
      > had some of the best people around doing the drafting work.
      > Good luck on your NCNG book,
      > Greg Maxwell
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