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270Re: Bear River bridge progress report

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  • John Teall
    Feb 21, 2004
      --- Doug Stuard <dstuard@...> wrote:
      > John,
      > In the article about the construction of the bridge
      > that appeared in
      > the March 11, 1909 "Engineering News" (see the files
      > section
      > under "Bear River Bridge Drawings"), the first and
      > nexet-to-last
      > paragraphs discuss the design and construction of
      > the bridge to
      > accomodate possible future expansion to standard
      > gauge. Obviously,
      > this never ocurred, as standard gauge was only
      > extended to the
      > gravel spur.
      > I only wish I had seen the bridge before they took
      > it down. We went
      > to Lake Tahoe every summer during the '50s, and the
      > drive thru
      > Colfax on US 40 was always enjoyable (especially as
      > we had finally
      > escaped the heat of the valley). Even though my dad
      > was a train
      > fan, I was unaware that the NCNG had ever existed,
      > and we never took
      > the slight detour to see the (then inactive) bridge.
      > It took Best's
      > book to show me the light.
      > If I can fit it, I might lay dual gauge track on my
      > version of the
      > bridge, but it might be easier to select one or the
      > other or rubber
      > cement two alternate sets of bridge track.
      > Keep checking in.
      > Doug
      i wish you could have seen it too

      the attempt to blow it up at the cerimony to mark the
      begining of constructing the dam was hillarious
      or at least i tought so.

      no one had thought to set charges, near as i could
      tell, to blow the pins on that little center section,
      i guess they must have just expected it to collapse
      from the tow main towers leaning toward it.

      no way was it about to. the concrete footings where
      they had set the charges were pulverized alright

      but the whole thing just rose up in the air maybe a
      foot or so if that, then settled right back down
      pretty much where it had been with that little plate
      girder section in the middle kind wedged in there
      keeping it from being able to colapse.

      you know the politicians had all made speaches about
      what a wonderful thing the dam was going to be and all
      that, and made this big cerimonial production of
      blowing it up, and when the dust cleared it just stood
      there, kinda messed up, but not about to fall down.

      we moved up to colfax in 57 and lived there untill the
      year i graduated high school in 66. my dad was shorty
      teall who was a 'telegrapher/towerman/clerk' for the
      s.p. right there in colfax. i used to hang out down
      at the depot whenever i could. bringing him his lunch
      and eating it with him or just being there most of his
      shift a lot of times when i wasn't in school like in
      the summer.

      there were a bunch of maps like that one of colfax in
      the back of best's book in the back desk in the
      office, along with a bunch of bill harges locotomotive
      opperator's manuals and other treasures.


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