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269Re: Bear River bridge progress report

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  • Doug Stuard
    Feb 20, 2004

      In the article about the construction of the bridge that appeared in
      the March 11, 1909 "Engineering News" (see the files section
      under "Bear River Bridge Drawings"), the first and nexet-to-last
      paragraphs discuss the design and construction of the bridge to
      accomodate possible future expansion to standard gauge. Obviously,
      this never ocurred, as standard gauge was only extended to the
      gravel spur.

      I only wish I had seen the bridge before they took it down. We went
      to Lake Tahoe every summer during the '50s, and the drive thru
      Colfax on US 40 was always enjoyable (especially as we had finally
      escaped the heat of the valley). Even though my dad was a train
      fan, I was unaware that the NCNG had ever existed, and we never took
      the slight detour to see the (then inactive) bridge. It took Best's
      book to show me the light.

      If I can fit it, I might lay dual gauge track on my version of the
      bridge, but it might be easier to select one or the other or rubber
      cement two alternate sets of bridge track.

      Keep checking in.


      --- In NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com, John Teall <themnax@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > er - intended for standard gauge? where did that come
      > from?
      > i'd have sworn the gravel spur was on the placer
      > county (same side as the s.p. connection at colfax)
      > side but i could be mistaken.
      > overbuilt to a capacity adiquite for standard gauge
      > maybe, but this is the first i've heard of it if that
      > was the case. it WAS stout (or at least way better
      > built then the spectacular failure to ritualy demolish
      > it at the begining of constructing the dam seemed to
      > demonstrate). but as far as i know i've never heard
      > that there had ever been any serious intention to
      > standard gauge.
      > (not that i would know but this is (i think) the first
      > i've heard THAT)
      > =^^=
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