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  • Jim Vail
    Feb 18, 2004
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      Doug Stuard wrote:

      >Harold Best's book (Nevada County Narrow Gauge, Howell-North), is
      >perhaps the best single source of info on the "Never Come, Never Go"
      >(other than this group, of course), and is worth a few bucks if you
      >can find it.
      You'll never find it under that name! It's Gerald M. Best, "Nevada
      County Narrow Gauge", Howell-North, 1965.

      Some other books covering the NCNG:
      Shaw, Fisher and Harlan, "Oil Lamps and Iron Ponies", Bay Books
      Ltd., 1949.
      George Turner, "Narrow Gauge Nostalgia", J-H Publications, 1965.
      Juanita Browne, "A Tale Of Two Cities and a Train", Nevada County
      Historical Society, 1987.

      Jim Vail
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