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  • Doug Stuard
    Feb 17, 2004

      Welcome to the group! It looks like I might have shaken a few folks

      One place to start on NCNG locos is the NCNG Museum website:
      http://www.ncngrrmuseum.org/ The NCNG had two 2-8-0's, #8
      (Baldwin, 1882) and the venerable #9 (Baldwin, 1914). They had no 4-6-
      0s, but #5, a Baldwin 2-6-0 (1875) was a favorite and is preserved at
      the Museum.

      Harold Best's book (Nevada County Narrow Gauge, Howell-North), is
      perhaps the best single source of info on the "Never Come, Never Go"
      (other than this group, of course), and is worth a few bucks if you
      can find it.

      Although I model in N, I'm always interested in anything NCNG. Please
      keep us informed of your progress.

      Doug Stuard
      Reston, VA

      --- In NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com, "Peter M Grace" <peter.grace@b...>
      > Hi to everybody on the list,
      > I have a new HOn3 NCNG loco sitting on my desk. You see, after
      > DRGW stuff for years, and deciding to manufacture some HOn3 locos
      at a
      > factory in India, a friend suggested I should look at other lines,
      such as
      > the NCNG.
      > Now I have plans for a couple of the locos and my current plan is
      to attempt
      > manufacturing both a 2-8-0 and a 4-6-0. I will do a whaleback
      tender and
      > there are some others that will be in the range that might be
      > If there is anyone on the list who could assist me with questions
      in respect
      > of the NCNG locos I would be more than grateful..
      > Pete
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