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258Bear River bridge progress report

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  • Doug Stuard
    Feb 16 1:32 PM
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      Hey! WAKE UP!!!

      Where is everybody? Just because the NCNGRR hasn't run in 62 years
      doesn't mean y'all can go to sleep!!

      Back last March, I had asked about info on the Bear River bridge,
      and Doug McLeod was kind enough to post a veritible GOLDMINE (no pun
      intended) of info in the files area. I said back then that I would
      just have to go ahead and build the darn thing in N-scale.

      Progress has been slow, but I've reached somewhat of a milestone,
      having completed two approach towers and one cantelever tower. The
      second cantelever is about halfway done. All Evergreen styrene
      structural shapes. The approach girder spans will be Micro-

      see http://home.comcast.net/~dstuard/railimages/BRBtower.jpg

      The BRB will reside on a 18" x 4' oNeTrak module, with the river and
      the irrigation diversion dam below. I would like to go Nn3, as we
      have a fairly active Nn3 contingent in our club, but may go Nstd so
      the module will get more use (The bridge was intended for standard
      gauge use, afterall, so that wouldn't be much of a stretch).

      Has anyone else modeled this, other the O gauge guys?

      Doug Stuard
      Reston, VA
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