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256Recent Progress / Work Days

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  • gauge18rr
    Nov 14 11:55 AM
      I am curious what recent activites have taken place at the Museum.
      What work days are scheduled for the near future, on what projects?
      Maybe I can make it up there over the next few months.
      In addition, I am curious if someone can comment of the "future
      projects" that are listed on the museums web page, reproduced below.
      Thanks alot,
      O. Anderson


      1. Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Box Car #58, 26 ft. replica of
      Grass Valley built cars. Body sills and headers obtained for future

      2. Westside Lumber Company short caboose, replica to be built with on
      hand West Side trucks and parts. (Looking to acquire an original
      caboose for our West Side collection)

      3. S.P. Narrow Gauge 28 or 30 ft. box car, acquire car body from
      Nevada and use on-hand S.P. parts. (Actively looking for a suitable
      car body) S.P. trucks available.

      4. NCNG 24 ft. Carter Brothers boxcar - build replica when casted
      parts are available from SPCRR.