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240the old right of way and parallel universe fantasies

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  • Zymph the wandering green cat
    Jun 30, 2003
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      Colfax was the town i lived in more years the any other growing up in
      the late 57-65 and again a number of years on and off since.
      in those days, before the building of rollins dam and the great land
      grab that fallowed, it was possible to walk much of the old right of
      from behind the depot in colfax where my dad (a.d.'shorty' teall)
      worked many of those years, all the way to the steel bridge accross
      the bear river canion was a walk i took almost as often as going down
      the stevens trail to the north fork of the north fork of the american
      river down the other side.
      never did get to walk any of the portion on the grass valley side of
      the bear river bridge though. i'd always ment to but never quite got
      arround to it.
      i did manage to walk accross the bear river bridge on the rotting
      ties one time. that used to be a favorite dare of highschool kids in
      colfax. to the best of my knowledge no one ever fell through,
      theough if they had that would likely have been the end of them.
      sure was a long way down.

      when i walked along there i often had visions of an alternative
      future fantasy.

      i'll try not to affront anyone as it being anything other then that.

      but wouldn't a trio of those hungarian mk48s (b-b diesel switchers)
      look good as modern day freight and switching power. one or two of
      them pulling a long freight or mixed of iso containers on narrow
      gauge skelliton spine cars? and wouldn't a pair of those articulated
      diesel cars like the ones on the feve in northern spain look good on
      that old right of way hauling mail, passingers and express.

      in my mind i see them painted a forrest green like the busses the
      ncng ran for a while toward the end, but with maybe an orange stripe
      for an accent and the ncng herald emblazoned on the sides

      such were the visions, though those specific peices of equipment
      didn't not exist yet at the time, that filled my head walking the
      trails and back roads of the area.