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206[Fwd:Re: Wm Graver tank NCNG - WP&YR]

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  • mike
    Jan 14, 2003
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      Is there anybody on the list in the Sacramento area who would like to
      follow up on this, or who knows the answer already?

      Whitehorse, Yukon
      WP&YR MP100

      wpyr@... wrote:
      > #181, #183, #301, & #1004 were the NCNG cars that went to the WP&YR. The most likely place to find a photo of the last run with these cars might be at the library of the railroad museum in Sacramento, but there is no guarantee that such a photo exists there or anywhere. A lot, if not all, of Best's railroad papers and photo collection is there, I think. It's been many years since I have been near Sacramento, but this library is a good place to visit if you are near Sacramento.
      > The reference to the S.P. tank cars is out of a 1926 edition of E. B. Boyd's Tank Car list. It was published several times a year and listed the capacities in gallons of all tank cars operating in interstate commerce in the U.S.A. Many years ago, I copied only the first page of the S.P. listing because the first page had all af the S.P. narrow gauge tank cars. The first page also had a number of standard gauge cars on it, including the odd 6500 gallon tank cars, which I mentioned. I had no motive at the time to copy all of the S.P. section. Since I made this copy, this book was stolen. It was in the old I.C.C. library, which has since been boxed up and sent to the University of Denver.
      > I have been looking for other copies of E. B. Boyd's Tank Car list for many years (train shows, Library of Congress, used book stores) and have been unable to find any. This volume gives the exact gallon capacity, not the estimated or nominal value.
      > Robert G. Hilton