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  • mike
    Jan 9, 2003
      Greetings from Whitehorse Yukon at a chilly 0 F

      I'm researching information to model the 1942-44 Alcan freight trains on
      the WP&YR, in HOn3.
      Four of the tank cars used on those trains came from the Nevada County
      It might be incorrect to assume they were all the same as the tank car
      and flat restored for the NCNG museum.

      Therefore I'm specifically looking for documentation of tank volume and
      dimensions of the tanks and the length and width of the flatcars they
      were mounted on.


      Mike Peltier

      WP&YR # 12 Ex Nevada County NG # 301
      WP&YR # 13 Ex Nevada County NG # 1004
      WP&YR # 16 Ex Nevada County NG # 181
      WP&YR # 17 Ex Nevada County NG # 183