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188Re: NG caboose at Dutch Flat?

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  • Pacific Electric
    Dec 29 4:28 PM
      Thanks a lot, Eric & Marie


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      From: "Marie L Schwaegerl" <marie2119@...>
      To: <NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 16:04
      Subject: Re: <NevadaCoNG> NG caboose at Dutch Flat?

      > A guy over in Alta has posted questions to the "calrailfans" list about a
      > narrow-gauge caboose sitting in front of the Community Center at Dutch
      > Flat.
      > I'm wondering if it could have belonged to NCNG... any thoughts.. or
      > actual
      > INFO??
      > He has reported "It looks narrow gauge and has spoked wheels... It's an
      > old
      > wooden caboose with spoked rail wheels. Has Towle Bros. written on the
      > side.
      > Possibly a local lumbr company rail caboose? There's a NCNG caboose in
      > Colfax
      > and they don't even look alike."
      > ***I don't believe that this caboose in Dutch Flat is a NCNG caboose
      > because the NCNG only had one caboose.. It was built in the shops in
      > Grass Valley in 1939..
      > Marie
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