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181Fred Hawk Speeder

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  • John Christensen
    Nov 20, 2002
      Hi Guys,
      Just sending along a picture of the Fred Hawk speeder or what is left of it. Fred Hawk was an employee of the NCNGRR and later worked for the telegraph company servicing the lines that ran along the NCNG route. He used this little speeder that was powered by a Indian motorcycle motor. We do not have a photo of this speeder as it operated on the NCNG so if anyone has any pictures of a speeders from Nevada County please let me know.
      The Motorcar Operators West group is looking at restoring another speeder that is definitely NCNG and still has a the faded NCNG stenciled on the side of the seat. Glen Ford is working on this project for us and would like to have this Fairmont Speeder ready for the grand opening next May 17th. It appears that this speeder had a motorcyle engine also since it has a chain drive rather than a belt drive.
      Again, any speeder photo's that might be NCNG would be most appreciated.
      Thanks for your help in this matter. John Christensen

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