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  • John Christensen
    Jun 23, 2002
      Hi Keith,
      Glad you will be able to make the opening. In regards to work party dates,
      the best time to come is on tuesdays or fridays between 09:30 and 1600. We
      have not resumed weekend work parties yet except when we are moving
      equipment from one site to another. Feel free to contact me anytime by
      e-mail or phone at 530-265-3668.

      Thanks, John
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      From: kejwa <keith@...>
      To: NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com <NCNGRR@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 7:59 AM
      Subject: Re: <NevadaCoNG> Chicago Park and other Question...

      >Thanks to all on the Chicago Park information... I had seen the RMC
      >article, but it doesn't match up with the photos in the books. I will
      >get specific information on the photos and what pages they are on and
      >then post the information, so we all know what I'm talking about. I
      >could be wrong, but I've spoken about it with a few friends who are
      >very into the NCNG, and they are mystified, too...
      >As for the museum, thanks for the update, John. We were planning on
      >coming up in July, but will change our plans to September 22nd.
      >Probably should let Bob Brown at the Gazzette know, as he just
      >published the July date in the latest Gazzette...
      >Also, I can probably make it up for a weekend of work between now and
      >September. Are there any preferred work dates scheduled that might be
      >more productive to come up and help out on?
      >--- In NCNGRR@y..., "John Christensen" <NCNGRR@O...> wrote:
      >> Hi Keith,
      >> I can't answer your questions in regards to the photographs right
      >now but I
      >> can tell you that the opening of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge
      >Railroad &
      >> Transportation Museum will be on September 21st for the dedication
      >> and the opening to the public on the 22nd. It was pushed back due to
      >> amount of work that needed to be done particularly track work. So
      >far the
      >> house track is connected to the shop building along with the
      >construction of
      >> two switches. We are starting to head down hill to put in another
      >> that will send us back up the grade to the museum building so we can
      >> relocate Engine No 5 inside. Thanks for your interest.
      >> John Christensen
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      them out!
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