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164Yahoo SPAM

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  • sptrain98
    May 13, 2002
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      It appears to me that the Yahoo page which allowed us to opt out of
      receiving separate advertising messages (SPAM) is gone. I note that
      on the email preferences pages, my answer to "receive ads..." has been
      set to "YES" with no apparent way to change it. If you have noticed
      an increase in SPAM lately, perhaps this is the reason.

      I suggest that if this is true (perhaps I missed something), each of
      us might complain to Yahoo about this change having been made without
      notice to list subscribers. Also, a note to the FCC or FCC, as well
      as our governmental representatives, might well be in order.

      I have no quarrel with Yahoo (or any other such enterprise) needing to
      earn a profit. I do have a problem, however, with companies making
      free use of, and interfering with, my control of what might be in any
      other circumstance personal information. There are already government
      mandated ways to (attempt to) limit telephone solicitation, and
      industry has had to provide a means to accomplish this end.

      It appears that Yahoo has no interest in the spirit that motivates
      these restrictions, and thus Yahoo invites the government to step in
      where Yahoo fails. Industry CANNOT police itself. We have seen this
      over and over again. Perhaps if we complain loudly enough, something
      will be done. And please don't tell me to use the "delete" key (which
      I do, of course, without even looking at the SPAM). That's like
      telling a person assaulted by a telemarketer to "hang up." That is
      not the point.

      I am posting this to all the groups to which I subscribe, and I do
      apologize for the unwanted duplication, should that occur.

      Ken Harrison