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158Re: Rotary Snow Plow No.1

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    Mar 29, 2002
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      The following information is from Braun and Beckstrom's Swayne Lumber book. The snowplow began life as an 18 ton class A Climax built prior to 1903. The construction number falls somewhere between #373 and #473. Swayne Lumber obtained this engine in 1909 and used it through 1916. Swayne built the snow plow using the locomotive's frame, replacing the original wheels and substituting the climax engine (worn out) with a smaller marine type. The blade and funnel came from a California Hy. Dept. truck plow. When the unit arrived on the NCNG the wood sills had considerable rot and the machine was rebuilt at the Grass Valley shops. It was scrapped with the line in 1943.
      Greg Maxwell
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