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156Rotary Snow Plow No.1

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  • cal_ng_nut
    Mar 29, 2002
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      First off;


      Thank you for the heads up on being "Yahooed". They had me signed up
      to recieve spam from here to eternity.

      Now back to our regularly scheduled railroad:

      I recently won in a E-bay auction a set of drawings which included
      one made by Mr. Darr back in '62 of NCNG "Rotary Snow Plow No.1"

      My NCNG book is (the horror) in storage, and I can't remember for
      sure what book said about this Rotary's history. I seem to recall
      that they bought it after a heavy snow year, then never needed to use
      it again.

      The drawing says it was built by Swane Lumber Co. and sold to the
      NCNG in 1940. Power was supplied from a marine engine, possibly from
      a class "A" Climax. The trucks were also from a small Climax.

      Does anyone have more information on this beast? Such as what Climax
      Swane scrapped to build it? Was the Rotary scrapped at the end, or
      sold off?

      Thank you,

      Curtis F.