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142Re: SF Cable Car Cars?

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  • Allen Tacy
    Feb 21, 2002
      Keith - If you can't find plans for the cars on NCNG, see the ones
      for the Mt. Tam published in Wurm & Graves' Crookedest RR in the
      World book. Just NG the trucks and you are in business.

      Allen Tacy

      >Off the top of my head:
      >I recall the NCNG had two SF cable cars which I believe they converted
      >to picnic cars. Does anyone A) have any decent photographs of the
      >cars and B) does Herman Darr or anyone else have plans for these cars?
      >Also, what's the latest from the Museum?
      >Thanks in advance!
      >Have you visited or contributed to the FILES or LINKS section yet?
      >Check them out!
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