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134Possible @home cable internet interruption Nov 30

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  • Harry Marnell
    Nov 29 5:23 PM
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      To all my list members who use @home cable internet thru Cox, Comcast or AT&T.
      You're probably aware of the possibility that @home (excite @home) may shut down its service to these cable operators tomorrow (November 30).
      My provider, Cox cable, has no immediate backup plan and is suggesting you plan for a temporary (months?) alternate service.  See http://www.cox.com/info/ .   Comcast Cable has a very similar message.   AT&T cable, however, appears that they may be able to accomodate the problem if it occurs.
      If you're in the Central/Northern California area, I would like to make simply a personal recommendation for a dial-up provider, my long-time service www.snowcrest.net    I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH SNOWCREST, I am only a customer.    Their rate is $15 a month for unlimited internet time/email.  For $5 a month you can get 100 MB of webspace (my favorite part).  I've been a Snowcrest customer since March of 1997, and TWICE I moved into areas where they had no local dialup numbers (Grass Valley & Ferndale); I phoned their office about it, and both times they obtained local dial-up numbers within 2 or 3 DAYS. 
      When Cox Cable came along here in Humboldt County, I decided I didn't want to pay for two services and was about to drop Snowcrest (and my $5 hundred megabite webspace), but they told me I could continue to have my email and webspace for just $6 a month, using the cable for my access rather than running up their phone expenses.  I've now signed back up for Snowcrest dial-up, just in case.
      I also added another 100 MB to my Snowcrest account, and will be gradually moving ALL my webpages onto Snowcrest whether @home shuts down or not.  Will try keep same page names in URL, but with www.snowcrest.net/marnells domain
      As I say, it's just a personal thing, and hope this is not viewed as SPAM.
      Harry Marnell
      List Moderator