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    Oct 29, 2001
      Gas, lube oil and fuel oil were a large part of the NCNG's traffic in the last years. Standard Oil and Shell had bulk plants at Town Talk and Associated Oil and Union Oil had bulk plants at Hall's Flat a short distance north of the Grass Valley yard limit. Alpha Hardware had heating oil tanks at both Grass Valley and Nevada City. The PG&E "domestic gas" plant just north of Grass Valley used heavy fuel oil to make this gas. The Railroad brought in fuel oil for locomotive use.
        Except for Standard Oil all of this was gravity transfered at Oilville. The railroad did maintain an old tankcar tank at this location for fueling locomotives. A short distance up the hill towards the depot was the Standard Oil Co's bulk plant, between the SP and the NCNG's tracks. This is where S.O.Co. loaded their four narrow gauge cars. This plant had a short streatch of dual gauge track with both the SP and the narrow gauge spurs aproaching from opisite directions.
        The Idaho Maryland had direct service from the railroad as did the Brunswick mine. There was also a spur for the Pittsburg mine near the Gold Flat trestle. The Idaho Maryland and Brunswick mines had large timber yards for mine props that were served by trhe railroad. Very little mineral product was hauled by the NCNG. The reason for the large SP yard in Colfax was that it was a major helper station in the days of steam.
      Greg Maxwell
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