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  • Mike Euritt
    Oct 28, 2001
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      My wife and I are planning a model RR, narrow gauge, and I've always found the NCNGRR fascinating. I was flipping through the book for ideas to apply to the layout and have some questions I like to ask
      It looks like oil was a regular commodity, any ideas about how significant it was in later years? I assume that it was pumped from standard gauge cars to the narrow gauge, or did it go to a holding tank first then to the NG? Who ultimately used this oil?
      Does the town of Oilville have anything to do with this traffic?
      Did the road have spurs to many mines? From some of the photos in the book, it appears that some mining equipment came in via rail, but how many of the many mines in the area had rail connections? Did the line move any ore, or gold or was the rail connections more for consumables at the mine?
      Was there much freight that never left the line, like something originating in Nevada City and used in Colfax or some other combination of online locations?
      What was the main revenue sources for the RR?
      The interchange in Colfax looks huge, way more than the NCNGRR would seem to justify, the station platform is very large and the SP switchyard, it all looks sort of out of place. Why did SP need so many track in Colfax?
      Our idea is not to model a specific railroad accurately, rather to just create a feel for a NG common carrier, something along the lines of this route, so the answers to the questions will help figure this out, though the Grass Valley yards look like they would be interesting to model.
      Thanks for your answers.
      mike euritt