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The sprint competition: Clovis HIlls criterium and Sprint competitio I was asked to explain few things: Win & out (semi-finals) – 1 lap race (done 5 times in this case) where the winner is removed from competing for the next
Steve Grusis
Apr 15
Copperopolis! The 34th running of the Copperopolis Road Race in Milton, CA is set for this Saturday; online registration closes tomorrow (Wednesday) night, but all
Apr 15
The sprint competition: Clovis HIlls criterium and Sprint competitio I received a number of queries regard how the sprint competition works. It will be in two parts. Part 1 (semi-final): 5 laps of win & out. Each winner
Steve Grusis
Apr 15
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Re: Clovis HIlls criterium and Sprint competition P/B Integrity Roof Basically timing. We are experimenting with the sprint competition. NCNCA (specifically I did not want to go against the wishes of a race the day before –
Steve Grusis
Apr 15
I am the resistance within you ôI am the resistance within youöÆ whispered the wind. ôThough you cannot see me, I will look within you and know your soul. I am an immortal spirit from
Steve Rosefield
Apr 14
Clovis HIlls criterium and Sprint competition P/B Integrity Roofing Hey all, Now that sea otter is over, take a look at something a little different:
Steve Grusis
Apr 14
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Twilight (April 16th) Is this email not displaying correctly? _View it in your browser_ (http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=af78c32bdd5f45a88bf2d9aa5&id=a10564c238&e=7457963909)
Apr 14
Red Kite #3 Criterium results Hi everyone, Results from today's Red Kite Criterium are posted to USAC: https://www.usacycling.org/results/index.php?permit=2014-159 Standings in the Red Kite
Richard Brockie
Apr 13
Re: Good News from USA Cycling to NCNCA-Regarding Cat. 5 Upgrades an Shaun, Thank you, however, as you know, this one certainly has taken, and will continue to take, a village. The thanks also go to the many mentors, coaches,
Apr 11
Re: Good News from USA Cycling to NCNCA-Regarding Cat. 5 Upgrades an What a great concept...thanks Laurel!  On Friday, April 11, 2014 1:11 PM, Laurel wrote:   Hello NCNCA,   I have seen the recent
shaun bagley
Apr 11
Good News from USA Cycling to NCNCA-Regarding Cat. 5 Upgrades and Ed Hello NCNCA, I have seen the recent conversations about crashes, and agree that something needs to be done. Something is being done. Many of you have been key
Apr 11
Re: safer racing ... Following the recent email "Working together to ensure a clean and safe sport" from USA Cycling I expressed this concern in an email directly to Steve
Jared Casper
Apr 11
Re: Crashes and Skills. [5 Attachments] What you say is true Chris, however if a ride is taught proper skills they have more, hopefully better  options to choose from. If they only have bad habits
Jim Volsansky
Apr 10
Parking Change-Red Kite #3 this Sunday We have had a last minute change of plans on our parking arrangements, so we are going back to the lot we have been using for the last several events. *) From
Steve Rosefield
Apr 10
Mariposa Women's Stage Race - May 16-18 The NCNCA Women's Committee would like to remind you that registration is open for the 2014 Mariposa Women's Stage Race: https://www.bikereg.com/23474
Apr 10
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Berkeley Hills Road Race WOMEN RACERS! The 57th annual BHRR will have the following categories and is open for registration: W Pro 1/2 W3/W35+1/2/3 (picked separately) W4 A great
Meredith Nielsen
Apr 10
Re: Crashes and Skills. Lots of talk here about skills. Skills clinics will do nothing to prevent poor judgement on the part of the riders. I recently witnessed a crash that put a
Christopher Black
Apr 10
This week in NCNCA Women's Racing And the wheels keep on rolling..... Congratulations to all from the Women's Committee RED KITE #3 THIS SUNDAY is the third WOMENS SERIES RACE! Come on out! FT.
Meredith Nielsen
Apr 9
Re: Safer Racing - you (the riders) can make a difference Thanks, Shawn, my feelings exactly! Ultimately it is we, the competitors, who have the best view of transgressions. We can't assume an official will always be
Dennis Pedersen
Apr 9
Safer Racing? Get the ball rolling, sign the petition. Pass it on. *http://tinyurl.com/mcle3d7 * "USA Cycling should create a mandatory education and certification process for new road and track
Kurt Bickel
Apr 9
Crashes and Skills. Several of you have hit the mark when you talk about how skills training can help to avoid crashes. More importantly you mention that bicycle racing is just
Ted Fisher
Apr 9
Re: Safer Racing - you (the riders) can make a difference Having competed in 150+ races, been a coach and EB mentor for several years, and a motorcycle referee since 1999, I have seen all sides of this debate.  
Shawn Mehaffey
Apr 9
Re: Safer Racing As someone who was in charge of upgrades for a while I find the suggestion that some group of Cat 2 riders or better vouching for someone as being competent
Casey Kerrigan
Apr 8
Re: Safer Racing Hey Mystery Dude - Excellent observations. I've been in and around racing for exactly the same time period as you. I can't echo your sentiments more
Skot McDaniel
Apr 8
Pre-Registration Closing-Red Kite Omnium Event #3 Just a friendly reminder that pre-registration for the Red Kite Omnium Event #3 û Red Kite Criterium will close on Wednesday night at 10:00 PM (Pacific). ╖
Steve Rosefield
Apr 8
Re: Safer Racing It's a shame all these crashes are happening. I have been road racing since I was 17 (now 53) and can not recall seeing the shear number of crashes or the
Apr 8
Re: safer racing Folks, For those of us on the digest it makes it nearly impossible to follow a thread when everybody feels the need to quote every prior message. Your one
Kurt Bickel
Apr 8
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WOMEN'S SERIES RACE #3- Red Kite Criterium Hi all women racers, We want to thank you for your participation in the Women's Series! We've had a total of 108 racers in our 2 events, and hope to see more
Meredith Nielsen
Apr 8
Re: Safer Racing NOW! I heard about the crashes in Monterey this weekend from a teammate. Wishing a full and speedy recovery to all those hurt. While the intentions are good, for a
Apr 8
Re: Safer Racing NOW! [1 Attachment] IÆm very sorry for the recent crashes and subsequent retirements from racing. That saddens me greatly. The last mass-start race I did was the 2012 Winters
Deborah Gallagher
Apr 7
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