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  • It has been awhile since anyone has posted, so I hope people are still out there. I am working on entry 3 and I am struggling to find language and content objectives that are demonstrated in my video. (High school) kids collaborated on a final project for To Kill a Mockingbird in which they presented a collage, found poem, and discussion question related to the topic of Prejudice...
    shanny.banany@... Mar 26, 2014
  • I just showed my entry 4 stuff to a Candidate Support Provider and found that it is not as hard as I thought. One accomplishment they would like to see is planning a unit with another teacher. Do treat 8 as an absolute maximum. A contact log is another accomplishments, and any application of professional literature (a teaching book) counts as "learner". I'm having a freak-out over...
    shanny.banany@... Oct 24, 2013