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  • Gelene Strecker
    hi!!   FOR NEW PEOPLE GETTING STARTED I THOUGHT I WOULD POST THIS TO HELP YOU GET ORGANIZED...   here are some things for you to ck out... might help you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2013
    here are some things for you to ck out... might help you focus on what you need to do when...
    1-monthly to do list.. you might have this from the work shop
    2- top things to make it manageable.. might have this too..
    3- verification forms & sample contact log that i used... keep all the info but when you go to turn it in THEN you cut out all the
    unnecessary info and JUST FOCUS/KEEP the contacts that PROVIDE evidence.some calls will have more impact/connection than others so you again.. get rid of the ones that don't have as much impact... i made this one up myself
    i like it b/c it shows to NBC and yourself the impact for EACH call/contact.. as well as helps w/ your writing to 
    the accomplishment... NBC LIKES LOGS! i would definitely do at least ONE of them..also NBC seems to like
    emails/letters from others which you can use IF they show impact.. if they don't.. then no matter how flattering.. leave them out. 
    i first i was going to avoid the verification form/letters.. b/c i thought it would be better to prove it in other ways.... but then i know somone who turned in a verf form for each of her accomplishment and she did well.. i also ended up doing 2-3.. 
    i realized that the verification forms actually are a really good tool.. to make the MOST out of letters/forms.. be sure to inform whom you give them to/request a letter from.. what your purpose is about.. for example if you are trying to provide evidence that you are making a connection to community.. then make sure to let them know b/c you would want them to hit that in a sentence or two in their writing about you on the form/letter/email.. but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't write what else they saw as great... you never know.. they may see something that you never expected and it could totally make a new connection for you :-)
    4- lastly.. here again are the standards broken down by entry... focusing only on repeated standard terminology.. just another way to look at the standards which for ME was less convoluted.. it might make it easier for you?? or not..  i found that the standards seem to say the same thing literally 3-4x in different ways.. when really seemed like all the same revolving thing on some of them..
    so i cut it down... if it seemed to be repeated.. i left it out.. all the repeats just make it more confusing.. they wanted me to be direct.. so i made my version of the standards more direct.. heehee ....maybe that is why i knew the standards so well. i rewrote them! haahaa
    i hope this all attaches...IF NOT EMAIL ME DIRECTLY and I will forward them to you!
    gelene (at) rocketmail (dot) com
    and of course ask any questions and i'll try my best to help


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