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74Re: Questions about Entry #1

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  • cowpiemommy
    Feb 3, 2012
      For entry 1 you're trying to show student growth by comparing/analyzing the pre and follow-up assessments so I would think that what you have should be good. I would choose one of your classes instead of using a student from two different classes to make your writing easier since you have two very different things going on. Definitely choose two students who are at different levels or learn differently so that you can show your differentiation strategies.

      I also kept Entry 4 very general, but my accomplishments were outside of my ESL duties. I would do as Gelene suggested. Also, for your evidence did you have any publicity for the visits?

      --- In NBTC-ENL@yahoogroups.com, "enlhighschoolapplicant" <senoradasilva@...> wrote:
      > I'm currently working on Entry #1. The directions say that the 1st assessment should be taken before implementation of the unit. I have 2 different ESL classes. One class is working on poetry analysis, and the other class is working on a class newspaper unit. I have had both classes do a pre-assessment (#1 an annotation and analysis of a poem and #2 a newspaper article about the book we just finished). Do these count as assessments prior to implementation of the unit? I had the students do the pre-assessments in class, and the final products will be the same thing (a poetry analysis and a newspaper article) but after they have had many lessons, much feedback, discussion, etc. about how to improve their writing.
      > One more question. For Entry #4, I was trying to understand how anonymous I have to be about my students' information. I know I can't give anything more than a first name or mention only I collaborated with a 4-year university so as not to show what region my school is in, but with the ENL certificate the students' countries of origin are also important. For example, can I say what country my students are from or what language they speak? Also, I had a famous author and the Consul General come to my class. Can I mention their names and their country?
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