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  • Gelene Strecker
    Dec 6, 2011
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      good.. .i was worried i made it worse.. i know how that feels.. heehee
      yes.. you don't and can't cover all the standards in 10mins of video.. but you can talk to all the standards in the writing..
      you can see the standards in the little things..
      IF MEMORY SERVES you can do things for example..if the kids were using/working with leveled books as a scaffold, even though you didn't make a big deal about the books being levelled or having language features/pictures/reduced words, etc.. you are using them in the video and can talk to that maybe? in addition to whatever else yyou are doing with the kids..listen to waht the kids are doing/saying...did the books get them to have an 'ahh ah' or did they make the connection between something? or were they able to get thrur the material unlike before b/c the book was just right?... connect to how what YOU did impacted students.. i tried to do this in nearly every sentence..   
      or in your video you can talk to having an appealing room w/ stuff up that you can mention in the writing even though you didn't actually work directly with it in the video..you might have touched on it at another point in the lesson... you can talk to it in your writing even if you don' tsee it on video.. even little things that you do like incorporating writing by using webs on a dry erase board.. look for the little things too you can talk to as well as your overarching lesson/theme/topic.. you can really tie everything in if you stretch it out..
      and of course.. connect it all to how it impacts students.. nothing is too small..
      lastly i would make double sure that your goals/objectives match up w/ your lessons.. that is the othe key thing..
      oh and another .. boy i'm full of it today.. reallyjust procrastinating.. don't wannt do my reports hehe
      really think about why you do EVERThING>> YOU DO EVERThYING FOR A REASON!! you make decisions EACH moment in the classroom.. you put a book down to grab another, you walk to talk to a particiular student and not another, you choose not to say anything instead of saying something.. every moment you are making decisions.. you just have to recognize them and then talk to each/tie each to impacting students & the standards that are focused/noted for THAT piece..
      of course in the end.. you will only have 13pages or whatever so make sure the ones you do talk to MATTER :)
      OK gotta run
      good luck!

      From: jaime <jaimestaraitis@...>
      To: NBTC-ENL@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 2:00 PM
      Subject: [NBTC-ENL] Re: In the Midst of Boards

      thank you. that actually helps a lot.
      for some insane reason, i was thinking i had to cover all the standards with every video.
      now that you saw 2-3 standards should be covered in the video, that makes much more sense and reduces the pressure quite a bit.
      thank you!!!

      --- In NBTC-ENL@yahoogroups.com, Gelene Strecker <gelene@...> wrote:
      > hi there!
      > i have heard people making upwards of 10+.. BUT my friend.. that is not necessary either.
      > I was in a weird situation.. b/c i have NO classroom so had to tape in the principal's office..yea me..
      > So i had to tape all my lesson in a window of 2 weeks... and i taped probably 6 lessons of about 45mins each..
      > and that was for BOTH of my video tapes..
      > i think what REALLY helps is to work a lot on lessons before you do them. I tried  to make sure that i was covering the questions/standards being asked of me ahead of time/a lot of planning into the lessons to cover questions and standards...that way i knew at least some of the tape had to match up.. then it was a matter of find a piece of tape where the kids were actively learning and it was NOT me talking.. more of me walking around and facilatating... using technology or multi-level books, charts, etc.. AND not to mention the kids were cooperating to some degree haahaa!!!
      > so that narrowed it down..
      > 1- kids active and on task
      > 2- could see 2-3 of the standards taking place
      > you will notice when you start to watch the tapes that you WILL see and CAN make connections to standards.. i would really think 'openly' about what you are watching..when you are listening to kids and they are engaged... REALLY HEAR what they are saying and NOT for what you are hoping they will say..
      > tou want to show that they are learning.. you are taking them from point A to B.. and also there usually are parts in the papers where you can say where you want to go from there..or what you would do better.. so if someone didn't totally learn the entire thing you wanted them to know.. you might be able to see pieces of soething they are STARTING to know/understand/do that perhaps they didn't before.. remember you are showing your impact on their learning.. NOT that they are 'perfect' and know everything 100%... but that they didn't kwo something berfore and b/c of YOU they know MORE than they did before and continute to work from that point to reach ing a goall. no one video wil have it all but if you look and really listen to the little things you can stretch it out and expand it into something larger.. i HOPE that makes sense,,, it can all be sooo 'vague'.. and hard to put your finger on at times..i hope i didn't just add to the mass of
      > vague-ness..sorry...
      > eamil more questions as necessary :)
      > ________________________________
      > From: jaime <jaimestaraitis@...>
      > To: NBTC-ENL@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 8:06 AM
      > Subject: [NBTC-ENL] Re: In the Midst of Boards
      > How many videos are people making? They say to make 2 or 3 and choose the best one. but how do i choose the best one?
      > jaime
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      > > Right smack in the middle! I've gotta get busy typing now!
      > > Tania
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      > > > Anyone else currently working on ENL National Boards? I'd love to connect here on the yahoo group.
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      > > > Jenny
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