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229Re: [NBTC-ENL] Re: Entry 1 Unit Plan Redundancy?

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  • Gelene
    Apr 6, 2014
      I completely agree!! Was it beth or Kate who said it was like they did it via a conference call.  Haahaa. Seems logical to me. 

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      On Apr 6, 2014, at 12:35 PM, <marbergler@...> wrote:


      And I have to say...  "EVEN THO the order and way the questions read are NOT at all logical nor flow well in my mind..but i had to get over a lot of writing hurdle and do things that totally didn't make sense to me as a writer.. you can tell that MANY people had their hand in writing this document up.. b/c the wording .. even the terminlogy is inconsistent.. it is a beast.. but just fight back w/ your brainiac knowledge and their own language.. throw it bk at them... and they will lap it up :-) " made me so happy! You took dialogue straight from my brain haha

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