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225Language objectives

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  • shanny.banany
    Mar 26, 2014
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      It has been awhile since anyone has posted, so I hope people are still out there.  I am working on entry 3 and I am struggling to find language and content objectives that are demonstrated in my video.  (High school) kids collaborated on a final project for To Kill a Mockingbird in which they presented a collage, found poem, and discussion question related to the topic of Prejudice, Perspective, Bravery, or Innocence. Video shows me facilitating groups mostly by asking kids to define their role. If each student in the group had a different role for the project,  would this be considered a version of Numbered Heads Together? Please tell me which objectives sound like they may be a better fit:

      Content- Students support theme with verbal, visual, and written examples

                      Students explain author's perspective on the topics of prejudice, perspective, bravery, and innocence using visual and written examples.

      Language- Collaborate with peers to prepare an oral presentation

                          Listen to and evaluate the opinions of others (others being the author and peers in class)


      Should I have all four objectives or change them?