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222Re: [NBTC-ENL] Providing Feedback to Student Entry 1

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  • Kate Collins
    Mar 13, 2014
      Thanks! This is great advise, although I'm still struggling mightily with this one.

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      On Mar 11, 2014, at 1:39 PM, <gelene@...> wrote:


      I tk of all the entries E1 is the more straightforward

      This is what the basic gist looks like in my head....

      General/Overview of Entry

      -create an obj.. test.. teach and retest..

      -you look at 2 tests for each kid to see if there i growth...

      -tell what the feedbk is and how/if they used it in their subsequent work..


      There is a lot of space to talk about each assessment and the feedbk you give. I tk it gives you lots of space so you can be really detailed w/ the why and how..

      ie. w/ feedbk in general.. in my head I see stuff like,

      -when you chose to assess, why at this point/time.

      -what you chose to assses and why

      -how you chose to asses and why

      *if you can connect to other poeple in building or home &/or culture or kids have choice NB likes that

      fdbk specfic info/reasons- nature and comments..

      -how you gave feedbk.. ind'l conference/whole group/peer...

      -when/point of time,& why this way for this time/grp of kids

      -what specific feedbk you gave.. in detail for each kid!!

      -why you gave that info to them- ( i try to connect w/ what i said in my descp of kids abilities and challenges, etc..)

      -what did they do from there, did they incorp what you suggested/comments.. if so give specific examples

      -where/how they incorp'd the fdbk.. even if it was in a subsequent lesson that you saw the change..

      -did the kids grade/rate/score themselves.. if so why & outcome/their feedbk

      -was info communicated to parents in some way? &/or shared w/ other teachers/people in the building?

      *word to the wise...I think a good thing in feedbk is to be FOCUSed. Dont lay everything on them at once.. You maybe see tons of things that need help! But pick the things that you are focusing on that lesson/unit and stick to those.

      & again any time you can hit on other people, family, culture &or giving kids choice or taking part in their learning NB likes that :-)


      Here are a couple links to sights on effective feedbk

      This is a list of 20 things to do www.teachthought.com/learning/20-ways-to-provide-effective-feedback-for-learning/

      this is LONGER>. BUT it might help w/ some of the rational for giving good feedbk


      OR types of fdbk http://www.ascd.org/publications/books/108019/chapters/Types-of-Feedback-and-Their-Purposes.aspx


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