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139Re: [NBTC-ENL] Re: Entry 2

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  • Gelene Strecker
    May 22 6:02 AM
      OH.... it is entry 3... that makes more sense. b/c your examples sounded like they were all about groups...
      remember the group part/entry #3 is TWO fold.. kids working together...
      AND YOU FACILLATING the groups..
      so i'm changing my tune a little.. in rereading your descriptions... which one where you going to groups and helping 
      them to understsand the material? 
      IF they kids are doing all the 'playing' and interacting w/ the computer game,,,, then there migt not be much to show that you are facillating..
      NOW facillating can be what you do ahead of time to set it up..
      but the way i see it is ... it is more about about you gettint the kids to understand...
      ie.. asking questions starting w/ concrete and moving to abstract.... trying to see what they know to make connections,
      build background knowledge.... figuring out how to help guide them in the right direction w/out telling them the answers...
      hope that makes sense..
      so if your choice #1 w/ graphic organizer has kids talking and you walking around helping them organize their ideas, etc..
      then maybe that is the one to use??
      i'm sorry.. now i probably totally got you confused!

      From: Revae Bostwick <revaes411@...>
      To: "NBTC-ENL@yahoogroups.com" <NBTC-ENL@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 7:06 AM
      Subject: [NBTC-ENL] Re: Entry 2
      This is actually regarding Entry 3 ^_^

      From: Revae Bostwick <revaes411@...>
      To: "NBTC-ENL@yahoogroups.com" <NBTC-ENL@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 8:05 AM
      Subject: Re: Entry 2
      Hello, all!
      I was wondering if anyone out there would be able to offer me some advice.....
      I know the deadline is quickly approaching, but I am working on 3 different interaction papers and only need to submit 1, so I would like someone's opinion as to which one to turn in. None of the lessons are completely wonderful, which is why I am having such a hard time choosing amongst them.
      (1) Shows students exchanging in oral discourse when composing a fairy tale together, but I do not have them using any technology. Students are engaged but there is not much evidence of lesson preparation because they are only using a graphic organizer.
      (2) Shows students using technology as a team to play a game in which they have to select the correct verb and then they use that information to help them write about life cycle stages. During the game there is some discourse and cheering one another on to do well on the questions. Students are engaged.
      (3) Shows students using technology to play the same game as above, but not much discourse takes place. Students use the information gained in the game to edit the fairy tale in #1. Students are not as engaged, but there is more evidence of my lesson preparation and strategy usage.
      I know it is difficult to make a judgment based on the limited information I can give you, but if you could tell me whether you think it is better to show the interaction or to show the preparation/strategies, that would be helpful.  Thank you!
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