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  • Revae Bostwick
    Jan 29, 2013
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      Hi there!
      I scored okay on the scaffolding one, but mine was for elementary students as well.
      In my video, I had the students explaining a life cycle orally with labeled picture support, then they had
      to move into the writing portion, still using the labeled picture support. I had one student whom I
      needed to modify heavily for, so he dictated a sentence to me and I wrote each word on a
      mini sticky note which he had to manipulate to form the sentence and then copy  it onto a
      graphic organizer.
      I think if you have clear objectives and demonstrate that the students are receiving a great deal of
      support at the beginning and then you are taking that away gradually so they can do it on their own,
      you have done what they are asking for.  Then, it's just a matter of explaining it well enough to
      convince them :-)
      Good luck to you!  I am going to retake the Interaction one since I had a terrible video situation
      last time that there was no recovering from....
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