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Re: Potential Resources for your RC&D

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  • Gordon, Andrew
    Dear RC&D Friends: Below are some potential funding resources for your projects and some great information on Agritourism: Grants: o Small Business
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      Dear RC&D Friends:


      Below are some potential funding resources for your projects and some great information on Agritourism:



      o   Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR), Request for Application:

      §  FY 2013 Phase II  Text Version | PDF Version

      §  FY 2013 Phase I  Text Version | PDF Version


      o   Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion - http://www.ams.usda.gov/AMSv1.0/FMPP


      o   Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Request for Applications (RFA)

      o   AFRI will solicit its core program through seven separate RFAs. Applicants are encouraged to review each RFA to explore all the opportunities available to them. Additional AFRI information is available on the AFRI More Information Page.
      FY 2014 Foundational Program - Release date August 15, 2013

      o   FY 2013 Foundational Program - Text Version | PDF Version



      Creating and Hosting Events at Your Agribusiness, by Kathleen M. Kelley

      Publisher: Penn State University, Publish Date: August 2009, Material Type: Article (3 pages)
      Many consumers can remember spending time with their families visiting apple orchards for doughnuts and cider or a local farmer’s field to pick a pumpkin. These opportunities provide children and adults with an exciting and enjoyable day. This may have prompted a return trip for the family. Research indicates that consumers desire opportunities where they and their families can have an enjoyable day together, support a local business owner, and “get back to nature.” By inviting the public to help celebrate your business’s grand opening or anniversary, the season, a holiday, or other occasion, you may also be developing a relationship that will last well after the event is over.

      Charting The Path Of Your Agritourism Business: The Components Of An Effective Business Plan, by Marsha Laux

      Publisher: Iowa State University, Publish Date: March 2009, Material Type: Presentation (41 pages)
      A business planning overview for agritourism operators who are contemplating or beginning the process of writing a business plan. The presentation was made to the Visit Iowa Farms conference participants in March 2009. The presentation provides direction and motivation for completing and using a written business plan as well as giving an overview of the necessary components in an effective plan.

      New Program Helps Market Agritourism “Marketing Agritourism Online,” a program released by North Dakota State University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. See another article here.  (The program is available at http://go.unl.edu/agritourism)



      Andrew Gordon, Executive Director/Counsel

      National Association of RC&D Councils

      444 North Capitol Street, N.W.

      Suite 618

      Washington, D.C. 20001

      (P) 202-434-4780

      (F) 202-434-4783



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