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National Continuing Education Program in Sustainable Agriculture

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  • Sean McGovern
    Dear Colleagues: We re excited to inform you about SARE s new National Continuing Education Program in Sustainable Agriculture, an online course for Extension
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      Dear Colleagues:

      We're excited to inform you about SARE's new National Continuing
      Education Program in Sustainable Agriculture, an online course for
      Extension and other agricultural professionals.

      The course provides a detailed introduction to sustainable agriculture
      and what it means for farmers, ranchers and communities. Perhaps most
      important, it explains how sustainable concepts and principles relate to
      the roles of educators as they try to improve farming and ranching

      Learn more at www.sare.org/coreinfo/ceprogram.htm.

      In keeping with a 1994 congressional mandate requiring SARE and
      Extension to train agricultural educators in sustainable agriculture,
      we'd like you to encourage you and your colleagues to take this free,
      user-friendly, self-paced course. Completing the course should help you:

      * Work even more effectively with clients
      * Develop research and education programs that address
      agricultural sustainability
      * Adapt models that worked well for others into programming
      * Earn continuing education credits (Certified Crop Advisers only)

      The course is presented in an interactive, Web-based format and includes
      a variety of activities, real-life examples and links to other sites
      offering information, resources, and assistance to help agents in their
      work. The course is self-paced so participants can complete it on their
      own schedules.

      "Sustainable Agriculture: Basic Principles and Concept Overview" is the
      first course in a series that will cover subjects such as agroecology,
      strategic marketing and more. Learn more at www.sare.org or contact us.
      We have a promotional flyer we'd be glad to send upon request.


      Sean McGovern
      Sustainable Agriculture Network
      1372 Norris Drive
      Columbus, Ohio 43224
      Phone: 614/306-6422
      Fax: 614/268-7544
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