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RE: [NARCDC] Greetings and Information from NRCS RC&D National Office

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  • Lisa Rowton
    Norm and all the list server Yahoo controls the links that are put into the emails (except www.rcdnet.org). Unfortunately, this is
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 3, 2007

      Norm and all the list server

      Yahoo controls the links that are put into the emails (except www.rcdnet.org).

      Unfortunately, this is the cost of using their "free" service. I am not sure what happened when you clicked on "Visit Your Group" it should have gone to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NARCDC. This is where the link goes when I click on it in your email. When you get to the NARCDC Yahoogroups site you cannot use the different features, "Recent Activity", "Members", etc unless you are registered with Yahoo and Login. (again a cost of this free service) Once you are registered and logged-in, then you have many useful features like a registry of all the emails ever sent to the list, file sharing, etc. I suggest you and everyone not registered do so. It is easy just click on "Sign Up" (NOT "Join this Group" you are already a member of the group) near the top of the page.

      Enter as little information as possible (including not giving them your correct birth date) and you are in. This is all fairly safe as to spam, viruses and such, read the privacy statement. As for the pops ups, set your browser to stop them, its under "Tools" in Internet Explorer. Hope this helps, if you need more information you may email me off-list at:


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      Subject: RE: [NARCDC] Greetings and Information from NRCS RC&D National Office

      I tried clicking on the Recent Activity, New Members and got a solicitation to join Yahoo.  Nothing about new members in NARCDC.
      Then I clicked on "Visit Your Group" and got a solicitation for credit rating.  I thought that since this comes from NARCDC it would be a safe bet to give it a try.  But in their scroll listing for state abbreviations, they don't show Alaska, AK.
      These kinds of misleading pop up solicitations that have no relationships to their listing titles are a nuisance.  Can anything be done about them?

      Norm Stadem
      RC&D Coordinator
      Interior Rivers RC&D Council, Inc.
      510 L Street, Suite 270
      Anchorage, AK  99501-1949
      Phone: (907) 271-2424, ext. 109
      Fax:   (907) 271-3951
      E-mail:  norm.stadem@ ak.usda.gov


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      Subject: [NARCDC] Greetings and Information from NRCS RC&D National Office

      Greetings from the NRCS RC&D National Office! 


      Shortly after the National RC&D meeting in Savannah Anne Dubey sent a message from our office that included our plan to provide monthly updates to the NRCS community.  Although this is something we wanted to do, we realized that we were waiting on decisions on a number of issues so decided to wait.  Now that the federal 2006 fiscal year (FY) has ended and FY 2007 is underway, we have some updates to provide to you.


      First, a general recap of FY 2006.  It was a very busy year for everyone!  We participated in several regional RC&D conferences and the triennial conference in Savannah, hosted a national RC&D workshop for NRCS staff, implemented a new performance reporting system – RCD-POINTS, and continued to take operational steps to improve the NRCS management of RC&D that enabled a successful reassessment of the RC&D program through the Office of Management and Budget’s PART – Program Assessment Rating Tool. 


      On to FY 2007!  We have a great deal of work planned for this fiscal year. I’m providing information on a number of items below.  More information will be coming!


      RC&D Manual  A draft RC&D manual was made available for public comment at the beginning of the fiscal year in October.  There is a 60-day public comment period that ends on December 30, 2006.  All comments need to be sent in by that date and are to come to me.


      New National RC&D Coordinator  David Arthur joined our staff in November as the National RC&D Coordinator.  He comes with a wealth of knowledge within NRCS with field, state and technical center experience.  David was also an RC&D Coordinator with the Pee Dee RC&D in South Carolina.  The RC&D team in national headquarters is now complete.  Here are the members:


                  Anne Dubey, Director, Resource Conservation & Development and Rural Lands Division

                  Terry D’Addio, Team Leader & National Program Manager

                  David Arthur, National RC&D Coordinator

                  Angie Day, RC&D Management Analyst.


      Performance Measures  For those that may not know about this, all federal programs must have performance measures in three categories:  annual, long term, and efficiency.  NRCS in consultation with the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) modified the performance measures for RC&D through the latest OMB Program Assessment Result Tool (PART) process this past summer.  The RC&D program now has three annual performance measures that are goaled at the state and national level, an efficiency measure, and two long term performance measures. 


      The three annual measures are: watershed or area-wide conservation plans developed, number; land and water resources benefited by RC&D projects, acres; and Local businesses created or retained in rural communities, number.  State goals for FY 2007 for these measures have been provide to each State Conservationist.


      The efficiency measure is based on land and water acres benefited through implementation of RC&D projects per staff year (Full Time Equivalent) funded through appropriated RC&D funds. 


      The long-term measures are to increase the national RC&D Natural Resource Performance Index by 10% by 2010 over the 2005 baseline index score and by 2010 create or retain 9,850 natural resource-based enterprises that increase employment opportunities.


      If you would like more information about these measures and how we will be calculating them, please send an email to me at terry.d’addio@.... gov.


      It is very important that all NRCS staff involved in RC&D and RC&D Council members understand these measures.  All data used to calculate these measures will be taken from the new RCD-POINTS system.


      RCD-POINTS:  Fiscal year 2006 reporting is finished.  From now on, reporting in POINTS is a continuous process.  When a project is approved by a Council, the project and all relevant and available information needs to be put into the system.  As benefits accrue to a project, they need to be documented, especially if they related to the annual goaled performance measures..  In the past, we reported at the end of the fiscal year.  Now, we are required to regularly update agency leadership and others on the program’s progress towards our annual goals.


      While the agency is required to goal and measure performance for a discreet number of annual, long-term and efficiency performance measures, the new reporting system gives an opportunity to view descriptions of all projects; summarize the funding sources and amounts leveraged with RC&D appropriated funds; and know more about the benefits being achieved from RC&D projects.  In addition, we are able to link projects with area plans and the NRCS strategic plan.


      We will be enhancing the system in 2007 to make it easier to enter and retrieve information.


      Tools & Training  We will be working in partnership with the NARC&DC national office to provide RC&D council members and coordinators with additional tools and resources.  One future tool is an automated tool that will help RC&D councils and coordinators develop annual and area plans.  This is one item in our cooperative agreement with NARC&DC.


      We also plan for additional training via net-meetings, teleconferences and other meetings that will help the field to more fully report progress in RCD-POINTS; revise RC&D Area Plans to have stronger SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and tangible) goals and be more consistent with the new NRCS strategic plan.  We will also include training on developing Annual Plans of Work.


      Area Plans & Annual Plans of Work  As part of the strengthening the defensibility of the program, we are working to ensure that all RC&D Area plans are in compliance with NRCS policy.  All Area Plans will be reviewed to ensure that they are in compliance with policy.  All Area Plans that are out of compliance with agency policy will be required to be revised and submitted before the end of the fiscal year.


      Budgets and Allocations Outlook  We are awaiting final Congressional appropriation action for the FY 2007 budget.  Congress is likely to provide a “level”-budget amount of $50-51 million for the program. 


      Budgets for all of NRCS programs are extremely tight this fiscal year.  We are encouraging State Conservationists to work with their respective RC&D Councils to find ways to leverage resources within the state to support RC&D.


      Agency planning allocations have been issued to the States.  They reflect the continued focus on a more targeted approach to State allocations.  If you would like more information on the allocation process, please let me know.


      I hope this information has been helpful.  And we have more to share.  We will be following up in January with information on how we will continue to strengthen the defense and accountability of the RC&D program nationwide through further connections between RC&D Area Plans and the new NRCS strategic planWe will also provide information on another activity within our division here in national headquarter.


      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


      I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous and successful 2007!




      Terry D’Addio

      Team Leader & National RC&D Program Manager



      Terry D'Addio

      Team Leader & National RC&D Program Manager


      1400 Independence Avenue, SW

      Washington, DC 20250


      fax:  202/690-0639

      terry.d'addio@ wdc.usda. gov


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