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NARCDC update

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  • Roberta Jeanquart
    NARC&DC Update for councils – December 4, 2006 Legislative - Both the House and Senate have restored level funding ($50 million) to RC&D. We need to
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      NARC&DC Update for councils – December 4, 2006
      Legislative - Both the House and Senate have restored level funding ($50 million) to RC&D.  We need to continue to request  $56 million so that we can turn back the effects of four years of level funding. 
      The Senate may take up their agriculture appropriations bill on December 5.  The action on the bill will not be completed this month.  Congress is also then planning to pass a continuing resolution this week which will continue funding levels for federal programs into February.  For RC&D this means that funding will be continued at last year’s level likely into March.   This will turn the appropriations process over to the incoming Democratic leadership. 
      Elections impact –
      Democrats will take charge of the Congress in January and this will result in changes in Chairs in congressional committees. The key appropriators on the House side will be David Obey of Wisconsin (Chair of full committee) and Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut (Chair of Subcommittee).  The Senate will have Robert Byrd West Virginia as Full committee chair and Herb Kohl of Wisconsin as (Chair of Subcommittee.)
      The Farm bill issues will be handled by Tom Harkin(Iowa) Chair Senate Agriculture Committee and Collin Peterson (Minnesota) Chair of House Agriculture Committee. 
      National Board update – The board decided to forgo the dues increase for councils slated for 2007.  Council dues will be held at $450 again this year.  
      The board also selected Albuquerque New Mexico as the location of the June 2009 national conference.
      NRCS Information
      The NRCS has announced its performance measures for FY07: 
      Annual performance measures for 2007 –
      Watershed or area-wide conservation plans developed, number
      Land and water resources benefited by RC&D projects, acres
      Local businesses created or retained in rural communities, number
      Long-term performance measures
      Conservation – Increase the national RC&D Natural Resource Performance Index by 10% by 2010 over the 2005 – the index includes: Land Conservation 20%; Water Management 40%; Land Management 40%.
      Community development – create or retain natural resource–based enterprises that increase employment opportunities 
      Mailings, Upcoming material, and Meetings –
      The NARCDC leadership forum will be scheduled for Feb 26-28, 2007.  Our theme for this conference will be “Councils of the Future” and will focus on building sustainable RC&D councils.  We will also set out our legislative priorities for 2007 which include both our funding priorities and our Farm bill priorities
      We will post a summary of the RC&D manual comments this week to our website, e-mail lists and the list serv.
      A council mailing will go out later this week with information on area planning and registration info for the Leadership Forum. 
      Our newsletter the National Catalyst will be produced this week and mailed to all councils members in our database.  You should receive it before Christmas.
      A teleconference for state Presidents will be scheduled for the week of February 5 to discuss the President’s budget request.
      Bobbi Jeanquart

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