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  • South Central Resource Conservation Devel
    Apr 21, 2014

      Was wondering if any of the other RC&D’s worked with setting up housing boards in their communities.  In our area we are wanting to set up a housing board that will act as a revolving loan  to assist people in our area with  “gap funding” or “bridge funding” .   In our area not enough houses are sold to get comparable and therefore people cannot get the loans they need to build houses.  We are wanting to put funding together to be used like a revolving loan to help people cover that “gap” in the funding they need.   If you have guidelines to follow or places where we could apply for funding this would all be very helpful.




      Jewell Bork

      South Central RC&D

      PO Box 461

      107 West 2nd St

      Murdo, SD  57559

      Phone (605) 669-2222


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