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7452Shout-Out from Loup Basin RC&D

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  • Wanda Robbins
    Apr 4 9:48 AM
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      Good afternoon! This week's Shout-Out comes from Janet Sanders, who is the Executive Director for Loup Basin RC&D. Janet can be reached at 308-346-3393 or at info@... if you would like to know more about what they are doing. Loup Basin is located in Burwell, Nebraska.
      Grant Award Announcement
      The Lower Loup Natural Resources District was awarded a 2013 Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Grant, "Scrap Tire Cleanup", from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. Loup Basin RC&D partnered with several other organizations to host two collection drives. The group collected almost 352 tons of scrap tires. 

      Our story will also be featured in the Council Spotlight later this month. Please visit the National website at narcdc.org/council-spotlight for the rest of the story.
      Thank you, Janet, for sharing this exciting announcement!!!

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      This is an exciting time for RC&D. Let your success be known - Shout it Out! Thank you.

      Wanda Robbins
      Council Spotlights and Shout-Outs
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