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7400Fw: From the NARC&DC YahooListserv Heifers for South Dakota

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  • Sue Sutherland
    Dec 10, 2013
      Happy Holidays RC&D Enthusiasts!  It is time for an update.  Joe Leichtnam, Western's 2nd Vice President, reported out tonight on this successful project.  I am so excited to inform you that over 750 heifers have been donated and over $100,000 collected.  The stories are heartwarming and the recipients are incredibly grateful.

      Want to know more?  Want to assist?  Scroll down and check out the sites below!

      Stay Warm.................Sue

      On Thursday, November 7, 2013 9:54 AM, Sue Sutherland <sue.sutherland2007@...> wrote:
      As you all know, South Dakota experienced an early devastating snow storm where farmers incurred incredible losses.  RC&D through North Central RC&D, has become a partner with the Heifers for South Dakota project.  Donations in the way of livestock and financial are needed and oh so appreciated.  Thanks to Sherri for providing the information below.
      During this season of thanksgiving, please do what you can to help our agricultural partners.  Thank you!

      On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 11:18 AM, Sherri Cass <cassequine@...> wrote:
      Hi Sue!
      It has been a slow go, but we are up and running!  Below is the link to a flyer for Heifers for South Dakota.  Please feel free to share with whomever!!! 
      Also, the website is http://www.helpforsouthdakota.com/ and they also have a facebook page called Heifers for South Dakota. 
      This is a great effort to help fellow ranchers.  So glad to be a part of it!
      Sherri Cass
      North Central RC&D, Pierre, SD
      From: cassequine@...
      To: sue.sutherland2007@...
      Subject: RE: Teleconference?
      Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 12:34:43 -0400

      Thanks Sue!  We have had a teleconference and have the ball rolling.  Have a great vacation!!

      Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 21:19:27 -0700
      From: sue.sutherland2007@...
      Subject: Teleconference?
      To: cassequine@...

      Hey Sherry!  How's it going?  Didn't know if North Central RC&D want to take advantage of our offer.  If so, Monday would be a good day to discuss.  Kit and I won't be travelling that day.  I have a teleconference line if we need it.
      Hope all is well!    Sue

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