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7395RC&D GeoLab-Building Momentum!

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  • hews.mark
    Nov 27, 2013
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      I wanted to pass along a message from Rick DeMark from North Country RC&D.  Happy Holidays everyone.

      Mark Hews

      Hello all RC&D’s and Happy Thanksgiving.  

      I hope that by now most if not all of you have heard about RC&D GeoLab, which is:

      • project that your RC&D can adopt,
      • service to your partners to launch more successful projects, 
      • and a potential revenue stream for your Council.

      Over the past few days we’ve been making phone calls to Councils to verify contact information, because next week we will be announcing a series of On-Line Forums (December 11-14) that will  explain RC&D GeoLab.  Our goal is for every RC&D Council member in the country to have the opportunity to attend one of the On-Line Forums. 

      We’ve had some great conversations and where we’ve connected, interest in RC&D GeoLab is growing.   Yet, we know that we will not be able to reach everyone we want.

      So, please help us and the RC&D movement by forwarding this and upcoming messages next week to each of your Council Members.

      Also, right now you can go to www.lakegeolab.org to read our Library of materials on RC&D GeoLab and join the RC&D GeoLab Linkedin group.

      I hope everyone has time to be with their family. 


      Rick DeMark

      Executive Director

      North Country RC&D, NH

      (603) 527-2093, (cell) (603) 520-5582