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7391What the RC&D GeoLab Can Mean to an Individual Council

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  • hews.mark
    Nov 23 6:36 AM
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      As we launch the RC&D GeoLab I want each Council to think deeply about what participation can mean for the vitality and sustainability of your organization. We have focused on what GeoLab can do and the potential revenue source it represents for your Council in a previous post. I would like to offer two more ways the GeoLab can help your Council survive and thrive.

      First, the RC&D GeoLab offers a new way of launching and funding local community projects that would appeal to your sponsors and partners. As you think about joining this effort remember that you can reach out and use the concept of the GeoLab to encourage your sponsors and partners to invest in your Council.  Be creative in making GeoLab a reality for you.

      Second, as a Social Enterprise RC&D GeoLab offers the potential to help re-energize your Council Board and attract new and younger members. Add to that the power GeoLab has in making you a leader in your region and your sponsors and partners will want to see the RC&D Council succeed. Use the RC&D GeoLab in your board recruitment strategy, marketing materials, and most importantly sponsor and partner relations. Make it so the RC&D Council is "the" organization to belong to. 

      I sincerely believe this is the future of RC&D. Let’s make it a reality together.

      Threshold To Maine RC&D Area has made the commitment.  Hopefully you will to.

      Mark Hews